A place to relax

Sigri is a small, quiet village, somewhat secluded from the rest of the island and is protected from the open sea by the uninhabited elongated shaped island Nissiópi. If you are looking for a quiet and idyllic resort, this is exactly the right place. The village is never crowded with tourists and the peaceful surroundings provide an image of natural beauty. Sigri has several beaches and you may find yourself enjoying the beach completely alone at times. The coastal path leads directly into the village square and the adjoining church built in 1963 out of the ruins of a Turkish mosque from 1870. On the far side of the square, next to Café Porto Sigri, you will find the remains of a former Turkish Hamam. In the village center there is a selection of small supermarkets and local taverns. Behind the square overlooking the port are the ruins of the Turkish castle built under Ottoman rule in 1757. In summer concerts are sometimes held here. A magnificent view of the beautiful sunsets and sparkling reflection in the sea, can be seen from the fortress walls.

In 1994 Sigri built its local Museum of Natural History just above the village. It holds a very modern exhibition of the petrified forest, volcanic rock and fossils. In the museum you will find all sorts of books about Lesbos and the products of Lesbos, including products made by the women’s cooperative from Mesótopos. The museum also has a café and from its terrace you have a lovely view over the village with its port and the sun slowly sinking into the open sea.